Describe one of your best friends | Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2, 3 tổng hợp bài viết về Describe one of your best friends. Từ đó giúp bạn nắm vững kiến thức và học tốt Tiếng Anh hơn.

Describe one of your best friends | Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1, 2, 3

Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 chủ đề Describe one of your best friends

1. Bài mẫu 1

Describe one of your best friends

I got to talk to about a friends of mine who is also my mother and a person I have known all my life. When it comes to talking about her appearance, she’s in her 50, but she looks young for her age. She’s a passionate home cook who knows a lot of dishes from different cuisines and understands favor combinations. She’s a pastry connoisseur. I often spend time making cakes with Mom. We often look for inspiration and recipes online. Sometimes, we make some modifications to the recipe to suit our taste, such as reducing the amount of sugar. Mum does most of the baking, and I do the clean-up. I’m the first to enjoy the freshly baked goodies. 

The reason I choose to talk about my mum instead of any friends at school is because we spend a lot of time together. With cooking, we had a great bonding time in which I could share what happened in class and ask her for some advice. I can pretty much confide anything with her. Another lesson I learned from my mum is attention to detail because, with baking, miscalculation of any ingredients would lead to disastrous results.

2. Bài mẫu 2

Descibe one of your best friends.

You should say:

  • What this person looks like
  • When and where you met this person
  • What you do when you are together

And explain why he/she is one of your best friends

I’m going to talk about Hazel, who is one of my closest friends ever.

Actually, Hazel is her English name; her Vietnamese name is Ly. But I’ll use Hazel because I know she likes that. She’s one year younger than me. We used to live next door, but now we live in the same flat.

I want to talk about Hazel for several reasons.

First, she’s very kind. She’s willing to give others a hand, and she always stands by me whenever I need help. Last year, I had a high fever and had to be hospitalised for a week. She took a week off to take care of me.

Second, she’s a patient person. Unlike me who can get angry very easily, Hazel’s able to stay calm in almost every situation. In terms of being patient, I am learning a lot from her. I remember last week, both of us had to wait for another friend for nearly two hours because he got up late and got stuck in traffic. During those two hours, I kind of lost my temper and constantly complained. I was pacing back and forth, while Hazel was just sitting there reading a book. At first, I was really angry and wondered why she was so relaxed in that situation, but afterwards, she said to me: ‘You need to learn how to enjoy every minute of your life’. Then, I realised that I was wasting my time doing pointless things, and from that moment, I knew that I needed to learn to control my temper so that I could enjoy little things in life.

I’m so lucky to have a friend like her.

So, if I had to talk about one of my best friends, it would have to be Hazel.

3. Bài mẫu 3

You should say:

  • Who is he/she?
  • When did you both meet for the first time?
  • What do you usually do together?

And explain why you consider him/her your best friend.

So let me tell you about my best friend Jason, whom I have known for roughly 15 years.

Currently, Jason is an IT technician at a company in Ho Chi Minh City. It was in 2008, I first met him in grade 3 when he had just transferred from another school. It just so happened that on his first day, Jason couldn’t find an empty seat, while I was sitting alone thus I asked him to join me. We became friends since then, and our friendship has lasted till today.

Jason and I have been doing many things together. We have lots of mutual friends because we went to the same schools. On weekends, we usually throw parties or go on picnics. Today when we are both working people, whenever we have some free time, I would meet him at our favourite local coffee shop and sit for hours, gossiping about our daily lives.

Jason got married last year and now has a child. He’s changed a lot since we were students, but his personality still remained the same – always patient, open-minded, and easy to get along with. That’s the reason why I like him and consider him my best friend, despite the fact that we pursue different plans and goals.

So, basically, that’s all about my closest friend Jason.

  • To transfer from another school (v): chuyển trường
  • To last (v): kéo dài
  • Mutual (adj): chung
  • To gossip (v): nói chuyện phiếm
  • To remain the same (v): y như cũ, giữ nguyên
  • Open-minded (adj): cởi mở
  • To get along with (v): hòa đồng với

4. Bài mẫu 4

Descibe one of your best friends.

  • What this person looks like?
  • When and where did you meet this person?
  • What do you do when you are together?
  • And explain why he/she is one of your best friends?

Sample 1: 

Humans cannot live alone and thus requires friends. The trend has been on since the inception of civilisation. I also have many friends and have usually pass moments with them. But Linh is definitely my best friend – we have known each other since kindergarten.

Linh is a beautiful girl with big brown eyes and an oval rosy face. She is one of the most intelligent students in my class who always in the top ten. Linh is also a kind-hearted young lady that behaves very well with everyone. We do a lot of things together. The first thing is the study. Both of us help each other in our studies since we are in the same grade. Before the academic tests, we share our views and take notes. Sometimes we move for an outing to far places using bicycles – that is the most important way for us to get entertained. Besides, both of us like to enjoy movies at theatre halls. Whenever we see an advertisement for any new movie, we immediately rush to the theatre. 

I call Linh my best friend since she helps me a lot in my difficult times. Whenever I needed support, she was always there for boosting me up. Linh is extremely honest towards our friendship and a trustworthy person as well. This is the reason why I consider her my best friend.


  • Inception (n): khởi đầu
  • Civilisation (n): nền văn minh
  • Kind-hearted (adj): tốt bụng
  • Academic (adj): học thuật
  • To rush (v): vội vàng
  • Trustworthy (adj): có thể tin tưởng

Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3 chủ đề Describe one of your best friends

1. What do you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?

A true friend is someone who is straightforward. It doesn’t have to be harsh when this person comments on your mistake but he or she shouldn’t sugarcoat the problems. Another thing I guess might be extremely important is acceptance. What I mean by this is that a friend should accept me for who I am, yet this person should want me to be a better version of myself.

Straightforward (adj): thẳng thắn

Harsh (adj): gay gắt

Sugarcoat (verb): làm dịu

Acceptance (noun): sự chấp nhận

2. Do adults and children make friends in the same way?

In a sense, yes. Whether adults or children, they have a set of values that they seek in a friend like whether this person is fun to hang out with or not. As a grown up, people can be a little bit more judgemental than a child when it comes to choosing a friend. As for a child, proximity can be a deciding factor for making a friend while an adult can be more active in seeking a new relationship. 

Judgemental (adj): đánh giá ai đó

proximity (noun): gần về cự ly

3. Do you think it is impossible to make real friends on the internet?

I wouldn’t say real friendship can not be established via the Internet but I guess people have to be lucky to be able to find a genuine friend on virtual platforms.  I know it doesn’t really matter where people meet, it’s the connection that counts but online, people tend to exaggerate and portrait themselves differently. 

Genuine (adj): thật

Exaggerate (verb): phóng đại

Portrait (verb): khắc họa hình ảnh về ai đó

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